Janelle has been involved in the beauty industry for ten years and her passion has fueled her success. She earned her license in Cosmetology in 2007, while still in high school, and to-date continues to create new styles for her growing client base.

Knowing she still desired a degree, Janelle returned to school to pursue this endeavor, ultimately graduating from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelors in Communication Studies and Psychology. Prior to graduating Janelle decided to start her own business, giving life to “Janelle Christine”, in 2011. A venture that has truly been a blessing to her.

Janelle has received training from Houston to Los Angeles, and has worked with all types of clients from celebrities, athletes, musicians, models, prestigious doctors, entrepreneurs, brides, and high school seniors. The versatility of her clientele makes Janelle adept and versed with a love for a challenge to broaden her creativity.

Creative, driven, outgoing, witty, and personable, Janelle is inspired by beauty, art, fashion, music and traveling; traits that place her in the perfect pinnacle to bring life and beauty through her creations -a must quality for this business and industry! 


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